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Project Writing

Successful projects have to offer value and impact. But writing a winning project and having a good plan often isn't enough.

Sensitization Training

Creative Drama is a useful and supportive non-formal methods that can effectively be used in schools and formal educational settings.

Project Cycle Management

Project cycle management is a methodology for managing projects. It provides structure to the process, but it also includes consulting stakeholders and providing them with relevant information throughout the life cycle of the project.

Newcomers of Europe-Developing Tolarance Towards Immigrants

Migration is an ongoing problem across the Europe.Education plays a crucial role in helping migrants and refugees settle in new countries and environments. Ensuring safe and encouraging multi-cultural environment is crucial for all children to develop their potentials.

Using ICT in Schools

Digital technologies are an inseparable part of today's learning process. ICT in Education line out how despite having access and positive attitudes towards implementing ICT into their teaching and learning, teachers often find this difficult and require on-going support - not only technical but also pedagogical.

Digital serious games for entrepreneurial education (Secondary Education)

The Course focuses on the methodology developed under the framework of the EU funded project Biz4Fun aimed to increase the competitiveness of young, mostly unexperienced people, and facilitate their integration in the labour market.

AR & VR for the education at Cultural Heritage

The Course is addressed to those interested in developing engaging, immersive edutainment experiences on art and culture for young people and adults in education or cultural tourism, exploiting methods and technologies of “Full Reality Continuum”, including augmented and virtual reality.

Digital storytelling for global citizenship education

The course has the main aim of developing the competences of the participants in the field of Global Citizenship Education, as well as to train them on how to use Digital Storytelling to let the students producing short stories using the techniques developed with the BRIGHTS project.

eFacilitation for the inclusion of disadvantaged groups

The training program focuses on media literacy in the field of mobile photography and audio-visual production, digital storytelling and project management.

Children’s literature as a framework for SEL

Children’s literature has a big impact on the development and shaping of children’s personality. Quality children’s books display ideas, ethical dilemmas, moral values, problem solving techniques, emotional management and relationships among the protagonists,all of which contribute to the moral, social and emotional development of young children.

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